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Maschine Life. The Empire.

What is a Maschine?

To answer the aforementioned question, one must first ask them self; What are your biggest dreams and desires?  How will the story of your legacy to be told?  What are you willing to sacrifice in order to work toward making those dreams reality?

That is what embodies a Maschine--a person who exudes an immense level of focused energy to succeed, that is unrivaled in his/her own field.  A Maschine is willing to work effectively, yet tirelessly at times, to achieve the desired goal(s). The standard “machine” is able to work around the clock in order to meet production/output demands. Most humans are not capable of competing with the production levels of a machine; but a Maschine lives and breathes their passion. 

Being a Maschine is more than a concept, it is a lifestyle. Maschine Life is about influence, leadership, and creation. As Maschines, our creative process centers around music and art, both being universally understood.  Music is one of the strongest things tied to long term memory. It captivates, moves, and offers an unspoken language that still speaks to the soul.  When you speak about being a Maschine, you are adopting a mindset and a lifestyle. How can you create your own lane and inspire others to willingly step out of their own comfort zone and do the same?  Whether that lane be music/entertainment, sports, arts/fashion, education, or any other career aspirations--Live it. Be it. Maschine It.