JohnBorn - Creator

Origin: Harrisburg Pennsylvania 

Based in: Los Angeles California

• Publications: JohnBorn has been recognized for his work via media outlets such as:


Billboard Magazine, Urban Ink, and others. 

Rolls Royce  hand painted by: JohnBorn x Art Basel 2014

($300,000.00 Canvas)

•Live Shows: 

JohnBorn has a live show experience that will totally blow your mind. First you'll hear the soundtrack created by: Keyz da Don (Keyzus) play, before you shortly after see Born emerge from an entrance or backstage of the venue. Accompanying him are topless models following his every step, awaiting to serve as his canvas and be body painted live for the crowd to see. Then it begins, Born takes the stage & places his vocals over the sounds live and direct. With a microphone in his left hand, and a paint brush in his right as he simultaneously sings, delivers lyrics, and paints live femal canvases. As music set comes to a close you realize that the women have beautiful images painted on them & you feel closer to JohnBorn. You are then thanked & appreciated for being part of the "JohnBorn" experience..

(Watch the clip below)




•Art: Visually depicting things directly from his point of view JohnBorns hand painting comes 2nd nature. Normally categorized by viewers as "mosaic" he incorporates a shattered crystal effect into a majority of his artwork. You may know JohnBorn for the Celebrity clientele he has managed to maintain, as well as fashion & hand painted collaborations. You may request custom services via: such as: home decor, cars & auto detailing, footwear, murals, canvas, clothing, bags, guitars, you name it he paints it. 


•List of Celebrities JohnBorn has worked with: 

Nicki Minaj, Nick Cannon, Bell Biv DeVoe, Jamie Foxx, Odell Beckham, Keyshia Cole, Desean Jackson, Ne-Yo, Floyd Mayweather, Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, Rick Ross, John Wall, Ma$e, Future, The Game, Eric Bellinger, John Salley, Roshon Fegan, Andre Drummond, Marcellus Wiley, India Westbrooks, Sean Kingston, Siya and many others.. 




Also known as: Row or JRow JohnBorn is a Los Angeles-based creative lyrical artist from the east coast. Not confined to any specific genre, this rapper/singer/songwriter released his debut album "The First Supper" In late 2015 fully produced by & featuring Keyz Da Don.. JohnBorn isn’t simply making music, he is telling stories through witty & artistic vibes & expression. If you love Born for his art, you'll fall in love with his music. It represents his past, present, and future, taking you along for the journey. From creating love songs serenading or verbally painting an image, to making songs to uplift the people and inspire the youth & people all over the world; JohnBorn defines the term "Versatile Musician". 




Album: The First Supper -


EP: Hors D'oeuvres -




JohnBorn is no amateur when it comes to custom clothing. Each design is custom created & originally designed by Born. All fabrics and materials are hand picked in Los Angeles California, and the production takes place here as well. Exclusive online releasing is way for JohnBorn to get his fashion to the public. Aside from catching one of these releases you must place a custom order through JohnBorn himself or the official website if there is a slot available. (


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