This focus group was given the album a month early minus the one feature it had and the final edits. All participants were allowed to listen to the music alone, without any influence from others. The responses are amazing and natural. Enjoy.

Ankheart is Keyzus' sophmore follow-up to his debut project "Lucid Dreaming". The name Ankheart is a representation of Life(Ankh) and Love(Heart). Ankheart is Keyzus' expression that in order to survive, no matter what, we must continue to spread Life and Love. It is also a reminder that sometimes these things come at a cost.

As expected, this project is fully produced, written, performed and mixed by Keyz Da Don himself. Prepare yourself for a journey from the darkness into the light, an awakening of sorts. If you've ever been in the presence of Keyz then you already know the light being he is. Regardless, close your two and open your third. Now, vibe...

"Tell U" is the first single from Keyzus' latest release "Ankheart". The video matches the dark grit of the beat and lyrics as Keyzus recalls some past times. As you may have guessed, the track is produced by @KeyzDaDon. Check it out and leave some feedback below.